Website is up and running again!!!

For the past couple months, I have been trying to figure out why many of the website’s feature were non-operational. After many hours of testing, the templates maker has released an update that is compatible with WordPress 3.5.1! So now you should be able to see every page and menu on the site. If you [...]


La Fortuna Cafe photo shoot

La Fortuna Cafe photo shoot
Over the Christmas holiday, I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot some promotional photography for La Fortuna Café and Coffee Roaster. This project was to increase their online presence and marketing materials for social media outlets like Facebook, Yelp and Google Maps. Tucked away in an alley in downtown Hinsdale, IL, La Fortuna Café first [...]


A photo over thirty years in the making!

A few months ago, my father was coming back from photographing school portraits and stopped in Jackson, WY for a break. For most this would not be a problem, however, for my father this was his third time in over 30 years to this spot, and it has burdened him all those years. For on [...]


Top 5 Places To Have An Engagement Photo Session In Norfolk, VA

Top 5 Places To Have An Engagement Photo Session In Norfolk, VA
Wondering where to have your engagement photos shot? Need some fresh ideas and not the same old photos in the park? Here are my top five favorite places in Norfolk to take photos:  1. Freemason Neighborhood Okay, most people wouldn’t think that a residential neighborhood like Freemason would be an ideal spot to have their [...]


How To Stop Getting Blurry Pictures: A Follow Up – What is a Diopter?

As a follow up to my previous blog about preventing blurry picture, another often asked question regarding “camera blur” is, “When I look through my viewfinder the image is blurry but my photos turn out fine. Is there something wrong with my lens?” This is a question I get a lot with new DSLR users [...]


How to prevent blurry pictures

While working at “Shall Not Be Named” camera store, the number one complaint I received from customers was that their camera took “blurry” pictures. Often enough, it’s because they were indoors in low light settings. Perhaps this has happened to you too. Here are some tips on how to stop getting those blurry pictures. 1. [...]